What Does Lawyer in Chandigarh Mean?

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As a result of this we had decided to launch a strike. On the other hand, the Manager Sahib was sitting on the phone for the permission of the Collector to dismiss all our fellow workers. He allowed some of his intermediaries to join strike when Shri Shibban. It is true that the incompetence of the jury empanelled in this case was raised by the counsel for the State Government in the High Court but in view of the findings arrived at by the High Court, as quoted above, the position is clear in law that irrespective of the result, it was no trial at all The question of prejudice does not arise because it is not a mere irregularity.

They are defined in Sections 2(35), 2(14), 2(11) and 2(33) respectively. The provisions are extracted hereunder:- 2(35) public service vehicle" means any motor vehicle used or adapted to be used for the carriage of passengers for hire or reward, and includes a maxi-cab, a motor-cab, contract carriage, and stage carriage

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