Advocate in Chandigarh No Further a Mystery

asked 2018-10-22 07:38:47 -0500

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They are entitled to exclude those persons who have betrayed a lack of proper sense of discipline. It appears that the Government have not permanently filled all the vacancies in the new cadre. We are of opinion that no valid grounds exist on which s. Vishwanath Watuji Kalar and others(1) is again a case where the money ceased to belong to the employee and the title was in the trustees. (ii) Cases arising against the Government servants in the subordinate ranks of the 'police forces of the rank of Sub- Inspector and below, unless the cases are against them together with officers of higher ranks.

The leases without the proviso are perfectly valid, and indeed, they will be more advantageous to the ward. The terms ˜Solar Power Projects and ˜Solar Energy Projects are identical. Mention has been made of three accounts in the Fund called A, B and C

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