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A further notification issued on the 7th of April following set out what purported to be a scheme for the operation of the State carriage services on these routes. By impugned order, the High Court allowed the revision and set aside the judgment/order of the first appellate Court and remanded the case to the appellate Court with directions. Advocate Chandigarh The breach of Section 42 has been found in two parts. In other cases, there is the lesser punishment of imprisonment, which may extend to three years.

LII of 1950, the same being limited to the case of hoarding of foodgrains. LII of 1950 is a legislation in respect of the same matter as Act No. nThe contention of the learned Attorney-General is that in view of the changes referred to above which had the effect of setting up a common High Court for the United State of Travancore and Cochin Chandigarh Advocates with jurisdiction and power defined therein, the review application has become infructuous, for, even if it be allowed, there will be no authority which will have jurisdiction and power to pronounce an effective judgment after rehearing the appeal.

The first part is that there is difference between the secret information recorded in Exh. (4) Where any claim or objection has been adjudicated upon under this rule, the order made thereon shall have the same force and be subject to the same conditions as to appeal or otherwise as if it were a decree. nIn 1938, a suit was Advocates Chandigarh filed in the District Court of Kottayam by the first and second respondents against the first and second appellants.

We are, therefore, entirely in agreement with the opinion of Chagla C. The subject of enhanced punishment that is dealt with in Advocate in Chandigarh Act No. With reference to foodstuffs, the punishment that could be awarded when the offence consists in possession of foodgrains exceeding twice the maximum prescribed is imprisonment for a term 808 which may extend to seven years, with further provisions for fine and forfeiture of the commodities. 440 of 1997, seeking the disposal of the assets of the company in liquidation, at the hands of the Recovery Officer of the DRT, Bangalore (hereinafter referred to as, the Recovery Officer).

Thereupon the two appel- lants as well as several other private bus owners numbering 106 in all, who plied transport buses on these routes, presented petitions under article 226 of the Constitution before the High Court at Allahabad praying for writs, in the nature of mandamus, directing the U. 16) The defendants, felt aggrieved, filed civil revision in the High Court. 1912 in Original Application No. This case was not decided by a Full Bench under section 25 of the Act and, therefore no review is maintainable under section 26 (17) In the case of disobedience of an order made by the Tribunal under sub- sections (12), (13) and (18) or breach of any of the terms Lawyer Chandigarh on which the order was made, the Tribunal may order the properties of the person guilty of such disobedience or breach to be attached and may also order such person to be detained in the civil prison for a term not exceeding three months, unless in the meantime the Tribunal directs his release.

The constitutional validity of the Act was challenged on a number of grounds, the principal contentions being: Government published a declaration in terms of section 3 of the Act, to the effect, that the State carriage services, among others, on the Bulandshar Delhi route, shall be run and operated exclusively by the State Government. The punishments' to be imposed in the several categories are separately specified. Government and the State Transport Authorities not to interfere with the operation of the stage carriages of the petitioners and to refrain from operating the State Road Transport Service except in accordance with the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act.

XXXVI of 1947 is also comprised in Act No. P-21 and the information sent to Circle Officer, Nohar by Exh. Immediately after the DRT, Bangalore, issued the recovery certificate, the State Bank of Mysore moved DCP No. They were, therefore, "'disqualified and unfit to be the trustees of or to hold any other position in, or enjoy any benefit from, the Jacobite Syrian Church" (para 26 of the plaint) It is pointed out that a review may be admitted under section 26 of the United State of Travancore and Cochin High Court Act, 1125, only in cases decided under section 25 of the Act.

Section 7 is thus a comprehensive code covering the entire field of punishment for offences under the Act, graded according to the commodities and to the character of the offence. The plaintiff s contended that the defendants had committed acts of heresy and became ipso facto alien to the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church. Provided that no such claim or objection shall be entertained" (a) where, before the claim is preferred or objection is made, the property attached has already been sold

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